What is Drum Machine?
Drum Machine is software I made in 2008, that allows you to plug your Rockband® drums into your PC, and use it like a real drumset.

Featured on the 1UP Show, Engadget, Gizmodo, Ars Technica, and even printed in Electronic Gaming Monthly, Drum Machine reached critical and viral popularity over the span of a few weeks.

NOTE: This software is now unsupported, and has been replaced with Drum Brain!
System Requirements
Windows XP, or newer
A DirectX 9 capable video card, with DirectX 9.0c Runtime installed.
A Rockband® drumset, recognized by your computer..


DrumMachine 1.33


DrumMachine 1.36 BETA
DrumMachine 1.35 BETA
DrumMachine 1.34 BETA