Drum Brain Released!
Over the past few months, I've been working hard on releasing an update to Drum Machine.

I've been torn about this for a while, since it's very difficult to judge how big the music-game community is these days.

Regardless, judging by the reaction of the poll I had my site (and some emails I received) I figured it was worthwhile to work on a follow-up.

DrumBrain was only ever going to be a tracker, and an answer to the poor latency issues that made Drum Machine frustrating to use for some. I've fixed the latency issues, and after I completed the tracker, I thought it would be pretty awesome to make a drum tutor, so people could learn some basics about drumming. And then I thought it would be neat to add some mini-games, and even a Rockband-style mode that allows you to notate your favourite songs, and send the notation file to your friends to play.

The only question is interest level. So, I'm planning to see how DrumBrain sells initially, and go from there. If enough people want more functionality, I'll add it.

Check out DrumBrain here.

Posted by: 2014-07-09